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French Cut Diamonds-PRICE LIST($)

Product Description

ShapeWeightDimensions mmPrice pc 
FRENCH CUT0.03-0.0521000800
FRENCH CUT0.03-0.052.1950775
FRENCH CUT0.05-0.072.2950775
FRENCH CUT0.06-0.082.3950775
FRENCH CUT0.07-0.092.41050850
FRENCH CUT0.08-0.102.51050850
FRENCH CUT0.10-0.122.61050850
FRENCH CUT0.11-0.132.71100900
FRENCH CUT0.12-0.142.81100900
FRENCH CUT0.14-0.162.91150950
FRENCH CUT0.15-0.1731150950
FRENCH CUT0.17-0.193.11150950
FRENCH CUT0.18-0.203.212001000
FRENCH CUT0.19-0.213.312001000
FRENCH CUT0.21-0.233.413001100
FRENCH CUT0.23-0.253.514001150
FRENCH CUT0.25-0.273.614001150
FRENCH CUT0.26-0.283.717001400
FRENCH CUT0.28-0.303.817001400
FRENCH CUT0.32-0.343.919001600
FRENCH CUT0.36-0.38422001800
FRENCH CUT0.38-0.404.123001950
FRENCH CUT0.42-0.444.225002250

FRENCH CUT1/103.2 x 2.2950800
FRENCH CUT1/63.5 x 2.511001000
FRENCH CUT1/54.0 x 2.813501200
FRENCH CUT1/44.3 x 3.016501500
FRENCH CUT1/34.8 x 3.421001900
FRENCH CUT0.405.1 x 3.624002200
FRENCH CUT1/25.3 x 3.828002500
FRENCH CUT3/46.3 x 4.238003400


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